Be Prepared For Unexpected Violence

Dr. Steve Webb is an emergency preparedness expert with 27 years of experience in security, law enforcement, school safety and corporate preparedness

Keep the people you love S.A.F.E. from violence

In today’s world, senseless acts of violence are becoming more prevalent.

No matter where you go — to a concert, festival, college campus, the mall…, no one is really ever safe from serious harm.

This makes parents, school administrators and company owners anxious and very concerned for the safety of the people they care about.

Dr Steve Webb has developed a process called the S.A.F.E. Method and the PARA Mindset that show individuals how to quickly react in case of a public act of violence, and how to be prepared for anything.

How to be PREPARED in 3 simple steps

1. Download the free Safe & Secure guide

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2. Attend one of our classes (online or in person)

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3. Be prepared for any kind of public violence

Understanding the S.A.F.E. Method will teach you how to immediately respond to potential and present violence. Be prepared today.

Our Services

Keynote Speaker

Steve Webb speaks to corporations, associations, universities and public audiences on what to do if confronted with a life-threatening act of violence. 


Dr. Webb holds in-person S.A.F.E. Method workshops for corporate staff, company employees, parents, teachers and other schools. He shows how to be proactive on how to keep our kids and ourselves safe from violence. It’s all about preparedness, knowing the signs and stopping violence well before it has a chance of happening.

Online Training

Dr. Webb has started developing online training for today’s environment and busy people who want to save time as well as learn his proven safety methods from the comfort of the home or office. 

Safe School Systems Podcast

Dr. Webb has a regularly scheduled podcast you can listen to with tons of helpful information on keeping our schools safe. Click the red button below to start learning vital school safety information.

Media Interviews

Dr. Webb’s Book

Dr Steve Webb book-Education in a Violent World


Take the simple, effective SAFE Method training program and live with confidence that you know what action to take to keep yourself and others safe from physical harm in any circumstances.