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Let Safe Secure Systems Train Your Staff for Safety Preparedness


Safe Secure Systems is Dr. Steve Webb’s “safety from violence training” for all types of businesses, big and small.

Is your business or place of worship prepared for what is happening today?

Are your employees trained in responding to a crisis situation?

Do you create liability when your employees are not ready for a crisis?

Safe Secure Systems will reduce your liability exposure by training you and your employees how to respond to both natural and man-made crises.

We have a whole new appreciation for the way our minds work in a crisis situation. With this training, I can finally say that we are better prepared for anything that is thrown at us.

Travis Clem

President, Southern Trust Bank

Meet the Team

Safe Secure Systems

Let our specially trained agents work with your board and employees to establish that safe and secure culture that is imperative to advance your business.

Steve Webb

Steve Webb

Founding Partner

Dr. Steve Webb is the best-selling author of the book Education in a Violent World, a police officer specially trained in raider solo engagement response and Alice active threat response, and bomb threat response. He is an award-winning educator and professor of law and policy.

“As someone who lives life as a constant target of violence—both in education and as a member of the banking industry—I have seen, firsthand, how our minds deceive us when there is a crisis. But now, we have a way to fight back.”

Scott Miller

Scott Miller


Scott Miller is a former FBI agent with over 25 years of law-enforcement experience. He is certified in cyber crimes and anti-terrorist threat mitigation.

“I have witnessed some of the best people make some of the worst decisions in a crisis, but together, we can do better – we should do better.”

Angie Webb

Angie Webb

Senior Manager

Angie Webb has over 25 years of experience in the banking industry as a Community Bank president. Today, Angie handles the Financial Department at Safe Secure Systems in with accounts payable and accounts  receivable.